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 (In Memory of Michael Schacherbauer^ and  Fred Wise*)  





2022 Patrons    To Date: 1/5/22



Individual Patrons who donate at the rising star level will receive Standing ovation Level benefits plus get 1 additional state conference registrations.



Individual Patrons who donate at the Standing Ovation level will receive Bravo! level benefits plus have a single registration to state conference.


BRAVO! ($250 -$499)

 Individual Patrons who donate at the Bravo! level will receive all Curtain Raisers Patron benefits. Plus have a table reserved in their name at the State Conference Sunday banquet, and may invite up to 7 guests to sit with them



Individual Patrons who donate At the Curtain Raisers level will receive all general Patron benefits plus will be called in advance to reserve their seats for state conference.


APPLAUSE ($50-$99)

 Individual Patrons who donate at the Applause will receive all general Patron benefits and can choose reserved seating after picking up their credentials at the State Conference.



Individual Patrons who donate at the Opening Knights level will receive all general Patron benefits which includes a yearly subscription to ‘Cuelines’ and listing on the Patron page of the newsletter and in our Annual Report. Donations are tax deductible.


Patron payments are recorded on the calendar year, January 1 to December 31. Regional awards will be presented the following year after all payments are completed. Many employers have matching donation programs for non-profits, or volunteer hours - please check with your employer!

2022 Patrons (January 1-December 31)
Rising Star ($750.00+)
  • Raymond Lebowski

  • Jason Neimeyer

  • Jesse & Brian Bernal

STANDING OVATION ($500.00+$749.00)

BRAVO! BRAVO! ($250.00 - $499.00)

  • Dr. Frances Gibser


CURTAIN RAISERS ($100.00 - $249.00)   

APPLAUSE PATRONS ($50.00 - $99.00)
  • Susan Barzda


OPENING KNIGHTS ($10.00 - $49.00)

  • Evan Copeland

Proud Sponsor of OCTA Jr ($10.00 - $100.00)

2021 Patrons (January 1-December 31)

  • Niccole Amersdorfer/Jennifer Kaufman

  • Susan Barzda*

  • Nancy Betz

  • Mendell Hibbard/Sue Rapier

  • Ray Lebowski 

  • Aara Wise*

BRAVO! BRAVO! ($100.00 - $249.00)

  • Valeria Amburgey

  • Jim & Theresa Benyo-Marzullo

  • Inge Klopping

  • Donnie Lockwood

  • Pat Potter

  • Sue Rapier

CURTAIN RAISERS ($50.00 - 99.00)   

  • Kathy Hyland

  • Allen Kasack

  • Julie Lane

  • Sara Ledzianowski

  • Christy Rahrig

  • Don Savolainen

  • Sharon Shelton

  • Marty & Cathy Williams

APPLAUSE PATRONS ($25.00 - 49.00)
  • Susan Moreland

  • Tim Thomas

  • Amy Wexler

OPENING KNIGHTS ($10.00 - 24.00)

Corporate Sponsors

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